MBS project: commuters demand maps of alternative routes

ISLAMABAD: The negligence of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has created chaos in the capital, as construction work on the Metro Bus Service continues.
“CNG is not available. We have to burn the expensive petrol. The CDA is negligent in providing out a proposed map of alternative routes. ITP is non existent on most detours planted across the federal capital,” said Hakim Muhammad who works at a local bank. 
“I was travelling to my office and was aware of the detours that existed up till yesterday. I was low on CNG. I had it planned to refill the gas soon after the office working hours. But this sudden detour has led me to no CNG. I have no petrol either. What should I do? How should I reach my office?” said Noman Ashraf who works at a non-governmental organisation (NGO) and was stranded on road.
“No one in the capital has any sense of driving. The detour was not visible to me. There was a dodgy bus in front. A car from my right side banged into mine. Three passers by opened the door of my car. As soon as I came out the driver of the other car speeded away. The car driver wanted to avoid a head-on collision with the huge rocks put on the road. He crashed his vehicle into mine. Where is the negligent ITP? Are they not supposed to stand at all these unexpected junctions? If not them then who is responsible for guiding the traffic?” complained Asma Shaheen who works at a government office and stranded in the middle of the road.
 “I have tried asking ITP officials but they say they are not aware. If they are not aware then who is? The helpline officials at CDA are also not aware of unexpected roadblocks. At least the CDA can provide current and future alternative routes,” said Haris Mahmood who works at a courier company. 
“We don’t need this Metro menace.  We have an affordable public transport. But the PML-N wants to loot just like their predecessor. We are stuck under these tyrants. No one will benefit from Metro. Only the PML-N will benefit from the low cost construction. I am an engineer. I have seen the steel rods being used. The steel is of the lowest quality”, said Humayun Zaheer who is a local trader.
“If this was Britain I would have sued CDA. I would also have sued ITP. These two departments are responsible for guiding the public. But as usual both the departments are negligent”, said Faisal Raza who is a businessman in Manchester and was stranded on road because of no fuel.
Citizens demanded that the CDA and the ITP provide the existing and proposed date-wise alternative maps for road users.
They said that the routes should be printed in the newspapers and published on the Internet routinely.

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