Angry Sikhs march on Parliament House

*Security breached as police fail to ward off demonstrators protesting against desecration of their holy book

ISLAMABAD: The members of the Sikh community stormed into the Parliament House premises on Friday after holding a demonstration against desecration of their holy book in parts of Sindh.
The people belonging to Sikh community of the country first assembled outside the parliament house on Constitution Avenue road for some time and then intruded into the parliament house premises by breaking the main entry gate of the parliament.
They staged a sit-in in front main entry gate of the parliament building and took possession of the rostrum where lawmakers usually speak to media after attending the sessions of the both houses. The extra contingent of police was immediately called in to prevent any untoward incident.
Crossing all barricades, the protestors first entered the Parliament House parking area prompting police to fire tear-gas shells, but to no avail.
The group of people of Sikh community belonging to Sardar Jee Khalsa Group’s move declared to stage a sit-in till their demands are met. However on the assurance of senators led by PML-N’s senator Syed Zafar Ali Shah they ended the sit-in and peacefully dispersed.
After negotiations held by Senator Zafar Ali Shah, the community leaders constituted a thirteen members committee to hold talks with the government to redress the grievances of the community.
Talking to media, leaders of the community claimed that multiple incidents of desecration of their holy book have taken place in Kahsmore and Larkana in Sindh over the past few weeks but the provincial and federal governments are not taking any notice to arrest the culprits.
Representatives of the Sikh community also called for protection in Sindh and other provinces of the country.
They urged that laws should be enacted for the holy books of minorities like the one in place for desecration of Quran, the holy book of Muslims.
The Acting Speaker National Assembly, Murtaza Javed Abbasi taking serious notice of the failure of Islamabad Police to stop the protesters to enter into the precinct of the Parliament House sought report from Ministry of Interior and Inspector General Police.
He termed the incident a failure and incompetence of Islamabad Police who has failed to devise any strategy in this regard.
He directed the Ministry of Interior to enquire into the incident and take appropriate action against the responsible and sought report of the investigation of two such incidents which took place in recent past. Chariman Senate Syed Nayyer Hussain Bokhari also took notice of the incident and directed government to provide its details when Senator Hemman Das drew the attention of the chair towards the issue inside the house. “Parliament House’s security should be ensured
at all cost”, Bokhari maintained.

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