Three female students made ‘hostage’, court takes notice

Three female students made   ‘hostage’, court takes notice

ISLAMABAD: Three female students of the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) confined in a hostel allegedly by the university administration were recovered on Saturday. 
According to reports, the IIUI administration had ‘imprisoned’ three female students of the university – Romana, Hiba and Neelum – in a room of the hostel on Friday evening with no food and water, and threatened them of serious consequences.
After 18 hours of imprisonment, two of them were recovered by their fellow students, while the third was recovered by judicial officials.
According to one of detained students, Neelum, they had protested against the impermissible attitude of the IIUI administration, which resulted in cancellation of their hostel membership and they moved the court for relief, which granted them a stay order. “When the administration tried to throw us out, we showed the officials the stay order, after which they locked us in a room,” she added.
The students alleged that the security in-charge of the hostel had also warned other students against contacting the detainees; otherwise stern action would be taken against them.
Meanwhile, an additional sessions judge ordered action against the hostel administration for allegedly making the students hostage.
The detained students were brought before a local court in Islamabad, where an additional sessions judge said they were now free and could go anywhere they wanted.
The court also ordered action against the hostel administration.
The warden of hostel has reportedly been arrested by the police, while her assistant is still at large.
Online news agency quoted IIUI spokesman Heran Khatak as saying that the three girls had been expelled from the university for their ‘immoral activities’, and that they were no longer students of the university.
Khatak said that the girls had locked themselves inside the hostel room, and were wrongly propagating against the university. 
Talking to INP news agency, IIUI Director General Gulzar Khwaja rejected the allegations regarding confining the students, and termed it a drama.
The DG said that the three students had initially been given a show-cause notice, and then they were rusticated as they violated university rules. 
He said that after the action, the students protested and observed a strike against the implementation of the hostel timings, and that they wanted to be independent, which was against the discipline of the hostel.  According to university rules, no one can enter or exit the hostel after sunset.

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