CDA to boost productivity, quick service delivery of EMW


ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has readied tracks to boost the productivity and quick service delivery of the Estate Management Wing (EMW), taking measures to shore up its services for the citizens.
Following the directives of CDA Chairman Maroof Afzal, the EMW has reserved 11am to 1pm as public dealing hours. The said duration would be dedicated for accepting receipts, public dealings, and personal appearance.
The remaining time would be exclusive for file work to ensure efficient and expeditious retribution of the complaints. In order to make the public dealing a result oriented activity, the EMW has come up with a receipt/performa system, whereby all the visitors are required to fill in the information about themselves and the issue.
In case of a complicated issue, the visitor would be given the opportunity of personal appearance.
The visitors having personal appearances would meet with an officer not lower then the director level.
The file of the concerned issue would be readily available with the officer at the time of the appointment. On the sixth day from the day of appointment or earlier, if no complications are involved, a written reply based on the CDA’s response as per policy/rules supported by proofs would be sent to the applicant by TCS.
Meanwhile, the CDA has approved five development projects, including construction of a parking plaza, flower markets, and eight overhead bridges for the pedestrians in the city. According to reports, the CDA has accorded approval for the construction of a multi-level car parking plaza in the Jinnah Super Market at the cost of Rs 112 million, flower markets at the cost of Rs 25 million in G6 and G10 Markaz, and construction of the CDA inquiry office at the cost of Rs 7 million in the Margalla Town. Moreover, eight bridges to facilitate the pedestrians to cross the roads would be constructed at the cost of Rs 377 million at the Islamabad Highway, opposite Fizaya Colony and Gangal, at IJ Principal Road opposite Pir Wadhai and Khiabane-e-Sir yed, and four bridges on the Kashmir Highway opposite weekly bazaar, G10, G11, and the Police lines.

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