Musical evening ‘Hazara Rang’ held at PNCA

ISLAMABAD: A colourful musical evening dedicated to the people of Hazara was held at the Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA).Speaking on the occasion, PNCA DG said that the Hazara Rang was arranged to provide entertainment to the music lovers and to bring the artists into the mainstream. Pakistan inherits rich and diverse cultural heritage, and the preservation of tangible and intangible cultural assets is the prime duty of the PNCA, he added. He said that the promotion of folk and traditional music and artists from the far-flung areas is the concept behind the programme.The evening started with a popular song by Rizwana Khan "Perdesi Dhola Shala Jeve Dhola", followed by "Kamli Na La Akhian", while another popular Hindko song "Chiti Corola Car" received great applause from the audience. Minir Awan, a renowned singer of the Hazara region, started with "Mahia Gia Perdes Ticktan Noonagg Lawan", "Chalo Koi Gal Nai Chalo Koi Gal Nai", "Kache De Yari Nadani Honed Ai Chad Ken A Janvi Badnaven Hondi Ai", while Rafia Bano, a popular folk and playback singer having more than a hundred audio albums to her credit, presented "Chita Chita Chola Te Kala Teri Wasket Da Rang Mahia", "Men Sonri Tem Era Mahi Sonar Sonran Des Hazara Da", "Chite Chana De Chandni Ve Sargi Dia Taria" and much more on public demand.The singer of the night, Shakeel Awan needed no introduction for his services to the Hazara region music having more than two hundred albums with the most popular songs "Teri Thodi Ute Til Sada Kadhai Dil", "Kashmir Wadi Ai Dila Bardash Karin Mahi Zulman Da Aadi Ai", Mushkan Da Palia Me Naqshi Dhola Hazro De Chapli Haripur Da Chola", and "Ve Adi Adi Rati Achnan Ain Akhan Koi Hor Hosi". The evening ended with a combined presentation by Shakeel Awan, Rafia Bani and Munir Awan's "Chite Chane De Chandni Ve Sargi Dia Taria Lo Cha De Mera Chala Gumai O Cha De". 

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