Islamabad Highway : Koral to T-Chowk section a driving nightmare

Islamabad Highway  :  Koral to T-Chowk section a driving nightmare

ISLAMABAD: Dilapidated condition of the Islamabad Highway’s portion from Koral to T-Chowk has become a persistent irritant for motorists who use it every day to commute to offices, schools and colleges.
This narrow portion, which is in a bad shape due to a lot of wear and tear, sees bumper-to-bumper traffic during peak hours. The Islamabad Highway was renamed as Islamabad Expressway when the road was widened from six to ten lanes to ease the flow of traffic, but the part from Koral to T-Chowk was left in the same condition leaving hundreds of motorists in a state of disarray. This section of the road has only two lanes, one of which is always used by trucks and other loaded vehicles, while the other is meant for the movement of small vehicles.
This ends up creating panic among the drivers who try to overtake the trucks from the wrong side, thus increasing the chances of accidents. In fact a number of accidents have happened while overtaking from the wrong side. “It is so frustrating when both the lanes are possessed by trucks openly violating the traffic rules and forcing the motorists to travel at speeds as low as 10 to 20 km/h,” said Yasir Azim, a resident of Soan Gardens. 
Then there are two CNG stations on the road as well at Pahag Chowk, which further aggravate the situation and cause frequent traffic jams, especially on Thursdays, the last day before CNG suspension.
“It is a hectic and dangerous task to drive the car on this road primarily due to the movement of heavy traffic and rash driving of public transport,” said Naveed Arshad, a resident of Police Foundation Housing Society. The situation, it is feared, would become worse in next two to three years following the complete development of nearly 15 housing societies which are still under developing phase. When contacted, a CDA official said a plan was under consideration to widen the road up to five lanes each side. He said the project was in planning wing and would soon come to the engineering wing, however, the project would be subjected to the availability of funds. 

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