Dry fruit prices shoot up in twin cities

Dry fruit prices shoot up in   twin cities

ISLAMABAD: With the passage of winter every day, the prices of dry fruits items were increasing in fasten pace in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
Prices of dry fruits including almond, Pine-nut and pistachio are skyrocketing as these things are the peak selling items in winter.
According to the consumers, people belonging even to the middle class cannot even enter in dry-fruit shops. The dry fruits are now beyond the reach of a common man.
There is a continuous increase was witnessed in the prices of dry fruit items, “said a customer, Pine-nut (chilgoza) is being sold in the city market at Rs 2,500 to 3,000 per kilogram, pistachio with and without shell at Rs 1,200 and 1,800 per kg, respectively,
variety of almond at Rs 350, Rs 470 and Rs 560 per kg, walnuts at Rs 300 to 350 per kg, grams at Rs 170 to 200 per kg, variety of kernel at Rs 750, Rs 850 and Rs 950 per kg, dried dates at Rs 200 to Rs 250 per kg and peanuts at Rs 200 per kg.
According to a dry fruit dealer Shahid Rana, the shift in the weather conditions had not augmented the sale of dry fruits as compared to last years.
The increase in the prices is due to heavy transport charges and export of dry fruits is also another factor, he explained.
A citizen, Ali Hasan, added that the shopkeepers are charging public at exorbitant rates. He demanded the authority to evolve a mechanism to control the prices of such items.
A dry fruit vendor said that with the fall of temperature in city demand for dry fruits had sharply increased and prices had shoot up.
He said dry fruit dealers store the dry fruits, which cause the shortage of the commodities in the market and thereby leads to increase in prices.
Dr Asif a local medical practitioners, said walnut helped reducing bad cholesterol in the blood, relaxing blood vessels and benefiting heart function.
He said dry fruits create energy inside a body to brave cold and extreme chilled weather, while almond, pine nut and walnut are most beneficial to brain functions. 

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