SC judge laments loopholes in existing laws in country

ISLAMABAD: Lamenting loopholes in the existing laws, Justice Dost Muhammad Khan, Judge of the Supreme Court, has said that instead of enacting and enforcing harsh laws, legislatures should critically examine all the existing ones and try do away with all the anomalies that could possibly decelerate the ratio of convictions and pester the victims anywhere during the process of seeking justice.He expressed these views at a certificate-awarding ceremony at the conclusion of a one-week refresher course for the prosecutors in quick disposal of cases at the Federal Judicial Academy on Saturday. He said, “We have several laws with a lot of flaws. Our entire structure of dispensation of justice needs overhauling, revamping, and reinvigoration. A ‘task force’, consisting of all sectors of legal and judicial system, including the parliamentarians should be created to reflect upon the loopholes, lacunas, and flaws in them and those be removed through a proper legislation for an effective implementation of the laws.”He said, “Harsher legislation is generally not well placed to reduce crime. Our judicial system and other sectors of the legal system, such as investigating and prosecuting agencies should be modernised.” “Modernisation of the system for the desired results is the need of the hour. Proper infrastructure, adequate allocation of budgets, enhancing their capacity, their knowledge, sharpening their expertise, and equipping them with modern means and skills, especially those of investigating and prosecuting agencies are essential.”“Without proper infrastructure, skilled manpower, modern technological tools and career incentives, they would not be in a better position to deliver.” “It is suggested that one state-of-the-art training institute for the prosecutors should also be established where they may be imparted training as per modern best practices.” He added, “More forensic science laboratories should also be set up in the country. Courts would not let loose the criminals but proper modern means must be provided to the key players of the system.”Advising the prosecutors, he said, “Prosecution is one of the important limbs of the justice sector. You have a unique role to play. You have to represent the state.”“Always be fair and honest to play your role within the available resources. One wrong conviction of an innocent person would be a stigma that you would have to carry throughout your entire career,” he added. “Our society has gone ‘wild’. Crimes are complex of nature nowadays. Prepare yourselves to play your requisite role in the wake of a new law called Pakistan Protection Act which is very delicate and demanding,” he said.Earlier, Centre of Excellence for Law and Judicial Education/Federal Judicial Academy’s Director General Faqir Hussain presented an overview of the refresher course and enlightened and sensitised the prosecutors about the role and importance of an independent prosecution agency in the rapidly changing world.

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