Capital may face water crisis in future: IEP

* CDA asked to take measures to avert water crisis

ISLAMABAD: The Institution of Engineers Pakistan (IEP) has cautioned that the capital might face serious water crisis in near future, if the existing water storage capacity is not increased. The existing water supply system in the capital is rapidly becoming inefficient and unable to meet the growing needs of the local residents.The Capital Development Authority (CDA) needs to take the matter seriously, said IEP Chairman Hussain Ahmad Siddiqui while talking with a group of media personnel on Sunday. The main sources of the water supply feeding the city are Simly Dam, Khanpur Dam, and tube wells. The water supply to various sectors is not sufficient while the water supply lines have been laid decades ago, and their life is over-spent. More than 25% of the water is lost through leakages.To improve, the replacement and distribution system of the water has to be managed in a better way, he added.Siddiqui urged the CDA to take urgent measures for exploring new sources of water. The construction of auxiliary spill-way at Simly Dam has increased the water storage capacity but there is a potential of having another reservoir for storage on the up-stream side of the present dam. It has been observed that the “nullah” along the road leading to Khanna Bridge during the rain gets over-flooded and even the nearby streams overflow. This trapped water can be very useful for the construction of another reservoir which would be of great significance for the improvement of the water supply. The construction of other small dams at various locations given in the JICA report can improve the water supply, he said. During rains, the nullah gets flooded which very easily can be stopped in the city by the construction of a reservoir. Even the trapping of the rainwater can be useful in this regard.There is already a report available with CDA which has pinpointed the construction of small dams around the city which can add to the water supply of the city.He called for developing a main permanent water source for the future of Islamabad. The various proposals like bringing the water from other cities are needed to be implemented on priority basis. Siddiqui claimed that the new housing societies beyond GT Road across the Kashmir Highway and those on the Islamabad Highway, which according to a rough estimate are developing more than 15,000 plots do not have proper water supply. They are dependent on underground water coming from the leakages of the Khanpur Dam. Once the society is fully occupied, it is feared that these societies would have no water supply, so these societies need to evolve a permanent water supply source or the CDA should cater for their demands under its water supply system. 

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