Sit-ins disturb routine life of citizens in the capital

ISLAMABAD: The current protests and sit-ins led by Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri in the capital have entered the fourth day with badly upsetting the normal and routine life of the residents.People belonging to almost all walks of life feel restive and emphasised the need for a designated place in the capital for holding public meetings, rallies, and long marches in future where the political parties could protest for their demands. Both Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri started their long marches on the 14th from Lahore and they reached Islamabad the next day. The supporters and workers of Imran along with their transport were allowed to stage a sit-in near the Aabpara Chowk while Qadri at Khayaban-e-Suharwardy. In his comments, Islamabad Citizen Committee President Ahmad Rana on Monday said that there is growing anger and resentment among the local citizens, who see their lives paralysed in the city, in the wake of Imran’s and Qadri’s protests.“Our comfort and normal activities have been put at stake, we are the victims of the political agenda being persuaded by the two leaders,” he said. “We are highly perturbed as yet it was not clear, as how long the sit-ins would continue. We are seriously concerned over the security risk to our lives during the ongoing sit-ins,” Rana said. He said that the mob gathered in the heart of city has paralysed the routine life, asking how long the citizens could afford all this disruption, which has also caused acute shortage of food and other items of daily use.He said that proper routes for the citizens should be fixed to enable people reach their offices and working places. The demonstrators’ activities and movements in the city should be restricted in order to minimise disruption to their normal life. The ICC president questioned that how medical and other emergencies would be managed with the non-availability of fuel and closure of roads due to the processions and sit-ins. The other major area affected badly due to the current sit-ins is the education as the summer vacations in the educational institutions have been extended till the 24th. The educational institutions were scheduled to open on Monday but this uncertain situation has caused sufferings for thousands of students of private and government schools and colleges. Nazir Ahmed, a teacher of a private school said that the protests have badly affected the routine of the students who are already burdened with a lot of syllabus.Rahim Shehzad, a student of class 10th at a government school said that the protests have spoiled his study routine. How could he attend the school when the police personnel who have come from the other cities to ensure security were residing in their schools? Umar Khan, a resident of Sector G6 said that the residents feel the pain and suggested that there is a dire need to legislate with the consent of all the political parties that no public meetings, marches, or rallies would be allowed in the precincts of the city. He said that there must be a code of conduct to be observed while carrying out political activities, delivering speeches, sit-ins, marches, and protests etc. 

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