Blasphemy accused shot dead in police station

ISLAMABAD: A teenager walked into a police station on Friday and shot dead a 65-year-old man from a minority sect accused of blasphemy, their spokesman said.
Victim Khalil Ahmad and three other Ahmadis had asked a shopkeeper in their village earlier this week to remove inflammatory stickers denouncing their community, said Saleem ud Din, a spokesman for the Ahmadi community.
In retaliation, the shopkeeper filed blasphemy charges against the four men on May 12. Ahmad, a father of four, was in police custody when the teenage boy walked in, asked to see him, and shot him dead, Din said.
He said police told him that the shooter, a high school student, had been arrested. Din said the lapse in security would have to be investigated. “They told us the person who shot Khalil is just a boy,” Din told Reuters. “The hate campaign carried out against us is going on and on and on.”
Khalil was killed in Sharaqpur police station, about 55 km northwest of Lahore.
Earlier this week, 68 lawyers were charged with blasphemy. They had been protesting against police violence and chanted the name of a policeman named after a companion of the Holy Prophet (SAWW). Last week a prominent human rights lawyer defending a university professor accused of blasphemy was shot and killed after being threatened in court by other lawyers. 

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