Security on high alert in capital; search operation conducted


ISLAMABAD: The Capital police was alerted throughout the city and more pickets were being set up, particularly in the sensitive places due to the threats.
More security personnel have been deployed while security pickets have also been set up in F8 near the judicial complex. Extra security personnel have been deployed at the F8 Kacheri. According to a police source, the intelligence agencies had received inputs that the capital city was on the radar of the terrorists after which the security was beefed up at many places.
Newly established police check posts have increased difficulties for citizens instead of providing them with more safety and facilities. The Islamabad police have established these pickets on the middle of the roads to prevent terrorism activities but these check posts are creating problems for traffic. On the other hand these pickets have created problems for the citizens as the police personnel’s stop them unnecessarily and start checking their vehicles which also affect the flow of the traffic.
“Police pickets that are set up on almost every road are doing no good but causing inconvenience to us” said Qambar Ali, a resident of sector F8. He complained that the police personnel’s have deployed unnecessary pickets. He added that they stop the commuters and use filthy language. A police spokesman said that the pickets had been set up to ensure the security of F8 judicial complex. “We are maintaining all round vigil to avert any unpleasant situation,” He added.
However, the capital gives a look of a fortified city as dozens of check posts are being deployed and huge concrete blocks are being put on roads and streets to secure the capital but instead of the measures taken, the terror threat looms and people feel themselves more insecure than ever.
The police headquarter has also asked SHO’s and SP’s to maintain vigil at public places and bus stands. The terrorists often use these places to travel and also to achieve their targets. More police personnel’s have been deployed at all police pickets according to the sources.
On the other hand, police teams headed by SP Hassan Iqbal along with SDPOs and SHOs of Saddar Zone police stations, police commandos and policemen on Sunday conducted a search operation in Ali Pur and Farash Town and arrested 35 suspected persons and impounded 3 motorbikes and 2 cars from their possession.
The operation was conducted on the direction of Islamabad IG Sikandar Hayat and the main purpose of the operation was to arrest people who were involved in terror activities and stayed illegally in Islamabad.
Islamabad IG also directed all heads of the police stations to continue this operation and ensure safety of the lives and property of the citizens.
The capital police devised a comprehensive plan for the search operation in Afghan and slum areas of the city to arrest the suspects and those who are resided illegally in the city.

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