Overloading of public transport goes unchecked

ISLAMABAD: Overloading of public transport has become routine phenomenon in twin cities, putting passengers lives at risk under the nose of traffic wardens. A large number of people daily travel through public transport across the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi to reach their destinations. Overloading is very risky and can lead to fatal accidents, said a passenger while talking to APP. He said that despite deployment of ITP officials on different roads of Islamabad, overloading and travelling of students on rooftop of buses also continued. When contacted, some of the private schools management said that it was difficult for them to provide transport facility to all the students of their respective colleges and schools. They said that this is responsibility of parents to manage transport as most of the students come to Federal Capital from suburbs. “We have no choice but to depend on local transport of the city, but transporters do not allow us to commute in the vans and buses so we travel to the rooftop, even we know that this is a very risky practice”, said a student, Nasir Ali. Saeed Ahmed, an employee, expressed hope that after the completion of Metro Bus project the transport issue would be resolved in twin cities. An official of Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) said that mostly passengers forced the transporters for overloading due to the shortage of public transport. He, however, said that challan tickets were being given to the violators. 

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