Federal govt bans use of LPG cylinders in public transport

* OGRA orders LPG sellers not to entertain auto rickshaws, buses, coaches, wagons and motorcycles

ISLAMABAD: The government has imposed a ban on the use and filling of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in public service vehicles (PSVs), including three wheelers (auto rickshaws), buses, coaches, wagons, motorcycles.
The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has issued a notification in this regard. In its notification the regulator has directed all LPG sellers to comply with the LPG rules. The declaration came after the approval of the federal government. And with effect to this notification, from now onwards no LPG cylinder will be installed beneath the seats and within the passenger’s compartment of any vehicle. Moreover, LPG refuelling from illegal decanters has been banned.
Officials at OGRA said LPG was a popular form of energy but it was highly inflammable and poses serious safety hazards, if not handled properly. Therefore, for safety reasons, the federal government has amended certain clauses of LPG Production and Distribution Rules. Official documents disclosed that the government has approved changes in LPG Rules 2002 and with effect to this change in the rules, the regulator has issued notification under which filling and use of LPG in the PSVs has been banned.
According to the amended rules, for safety reasons, installation of LPG cylinder or tank on motorcycles, scooters and public service vehicle i.e three wheelers, buses, coaches and wagons will not be allowed and treated as illegal. Also, the licensee has been directed to ensure vehicles having LPG cylinders installed beneath seats and within the passenger compartment shall not be refuelled or entertained. Meanwhile, LPG Distributor Association Chairman Irfan Khokar has asked OGRA to withdraw the ban, warning otherwise there would be a sit-in and the Association would besiege the building of the regulator.
“If OGRA does not lift the ban, there will be a protest demonstration in front of its headquarter where a sit-in will be organised, besides siege of the building of the regulator, Khokar said. He rejected the notification and said OGRA could not stop inflation-hit masses from using the cheap fuel.

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