Roots DHA1 holds graduation ceremony


ISLAMABAD: It was a glorious evening full of revere as the high achievers’ of Roots School System DHA1 Flagship campus Islamabad got together to celebrate their outstanding success stories and accomplishments. Now in its 26th year, Roots School System DHA1 Flagship campus Islamabad celebrated the high achiever’s award ceremony with great honor and pride together with all the students, proud parents, honorable guests of honor, members of the diplomatic community, social dignitaries of Islamabad & Rawalpindi, corporate society, heads of NGOs, educationists and members of Rotary International. The Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian M Nawaz Shariff sent a congratulatory note to Khadija Mushtaq (TI), Executive Director of Roots School System, DHA-1 flagship campus, Islamabad saying, “I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to Roots School System, DHA-1 flagship campus, Islamabad for nurturing brilliance among the youth of Pakistan. These students have brought laurels to our country with their outstanding achievements, being recognized worldwide and awarded placements in top Ivy universities, securing world positions and being offered merit scholarships at prestigious institutes. Roots School System DHA1 stands as an institute of excellence and has made the name of our nation to shine proudly.”The honourable chief guests for the ceremony included Federal Minister of State for Education, Trainings and Standards in Higher Education Engr Muhammad Baligh-ur-Rehman, Chairman HEC Pakistan, Engr Syed Imtiaz Hussain Gilani and Senator of Pakistan Mushahid Hussain Sayed. CEO Roots School System Col Ch Rasool Mushtaq, Founder Roots School System Riffat Mushtaq and Khadija Mushtaq welcomed all the guests including Robert Raines, Acting Spokesperson US Embassy Islamabad, HE Mr & Mrs Mourad Bourehla Ambassador of Tunisia, HE Mr & Mrs Jesus Zenen Buergo Concepcion Cuban Ambassador, HE M. Rashad Daureeawo Ambassador of Mauritius, HE Mr & Mrs Joy Puenpes Saldise Deputy Head of Mission of Cuba, HE Alshafi Ahmad Mohammad Ambassador of Sudan, HE Mr. & Mrs Sayar Abdul Rehman Al-Mawdah Ambassador of Qatar, HE Dr & Mrs. Suhrab Hussain Ambassador of Bangladesh, Hilal Mohammad Ali Al-Abri Counselor Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman, Velsi Godinjak Charge de Affairs of Bosnia, Andriy Babak Military Attache of Ukraine, Muhammad Ramzan Achakzai Inter Board Committee of Chairmen, Mr & Mrs Qamar Zaman Chairman NAB, Mr & Mrs Ch Tanveer, Raja Abbas Federal Secretary, Haji Amjad, Amir Amil Vice President Summit Bank, Uzma Yousaf Country Manager Cambridge International Examinations, He Xing Han & Zhang Dao Jian HOD of Chinese Confucius Institute along with the staff members.The proud parents were overjoyed to celebrate the outstanding success and achievements of the graduating students who had worked hard throughout the year to achieve this enormous success. It was really overwhelming to hear the life altering stories of students like Faraz Kaiser, the youngest student at just 12 years of age who set another Guinness World Record by obtaining 5 straight As in AS level Cambridge Examination Oct/ Nov of Cambridge University. Faraz obtained straight 8As at the age of 11 in the Cambridge International O-Levels Examinations last year. Roots students have received a collective scholarship amount of approximately Rs 2bn for four years of undergraduate study which is simply remarkable.Waleed Khan, a brilliant A–Level, final year student received multiple admission offers from top IVY league universities including Duke and Dartmouth for its engineering programme on 100% scholarship after overcoming his physical disability.Speaking on the occasion, he said, “I entered Roots fearful of my future. But Roots motivated me to adequately use my disability to my advantage and prepared me for the challenges that lie ahead. I’ll always have the support of my family and by the Grace of Almighty Allah; I’ll continue to soar through the skies as I look forward to making my country Pakistan very proud.”Some of the heart wrenching narrations by the mothers and fathers of these outstanding students brought tears to many an eye. The mothers and fathers of these students were extremely happy, grateful and content to know that their children are studying in the best institute in the country. Speaking on the occasion, Osama Nadeem Khokar’s mother said, “Today I stand here as a proud mother unable to name the architects of fortune of my children. I thank Almighty Allah for His kindness. I thank all the teachers at Roots. They all are the magicians I attribute my son’s success to. I respect you all for your dedication and hard work. I admire you all for your selflessness and commitment. I love you all for the love you extend towards my children. Thank you for doing what you did and do. I thank you Mrs Riffat for opening the doors for us. “Roots” stays as the best thing that could ever happen to my children. It is here that learning is a pleasure, growing is a phenomenon, dreaming is a trend and achieving is a habit.” Osama has received acceptances with scholarships from John Hopkins University($62,630/ annum), NYU, Boston and Georgia Institute of Technology on 100% merit scholarship.Mr. Mansoor, father of Sanaa Mansoor congratulated the school and remarked: “I can never in my lifetime save up the scholarship amount that my daughter has received to graduate in Business Studies at NYU Abu Dhabi, one of the top most universities in the world on 120% scholarship. The counseling and opportunities provided to all the students at Roots are a great contribution to the society and facilitates in the progress and prosperity of Pakistan.”It is due to the great efforts and dedication of Khadija Mushtaq, the most accomplished student counsellor that has completely changed the lives of many deserving individuals and made a mark for Pakistan on the world map. Roots has been providing 100% scholarships to worthy students to facilitate them financially so that they can pursue their educational dreams and attain highly esteemed academic records. Roots has been providing quality education of international standards for the past 25 years by investing time and energy in passionate, young students to excel in the sphere of world academia.Other students who brought laurels by attaining outstanding results in their O &A Level final Cambridge and Edexcel Examinations, Foreign Language Exam, Common Wealth Essay competition, Robotics Championship, Sports Championships, Performing Art competitions, Community Services (LGCF) were also awarded shields and certificates by the chief guests.At the end, Federal Minister Engr. Muhammad Baligh-ur-Rehmancongratulated the graduating class and applauded the tireless efforts of Khadija Mushtaq and the entire staff. He said to the students,“You are the future leaders of the world;the future is truly in your hands so make the best of it.”Chairman HEC Pakistan, Engr. Syed Imtiaz Hussain Gilani and Senator of Pakistan Mr. Mushahid Hussain Sayed gave out the gold medals and roles of honor to the distinction holders.The ceremony concluded with a grand finale of a brilliantdance performance by the students that left everyone mesmerized. It was very overwhelming to see all thestudents and parents with the phenomenal scholarships due to theoutstanding counseling and guidance of Khadija Mushtaqwho has been instrumental in turning many dreams into reality with herutmost commitment, dedication and passion for her students. 

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