Musharraf’s security needs lead to manpower crisis for police


ISLAMABAD: Due to the massive security needs of former military dictator Pervez Musharraf, who is on trial for high treason, the capital police are facing an acute shortage of staffers, police sources have said.
Though Musharraf is reluctant to appear in the special court trying him but still the shortage seems to be acute, authorities added. Though the authorities concerned enhanced security for former president General (retd) Pervez Musharraf but he still could not appear before the Special Court because of an expected militant attacks on his convey. Around 2600 police and Rangers personnel were deployed in between Islamabad and Rawalpindi on Friday to ensure the security of former president Gen (R) Perviz Musharraf who was scheduled to appear in special court on his treason trial. 
According to detail reports amid threats of possible terror attacks on former president convey who was expected to appear in a special court on Friday, the police and Ranger were put on-high alert in the twin cities Rawalpindi-Islamabad with massive deployment of force, while capital police stepped up armed patrolling and special pickets to avert any unpleasant incident.
Police sources said on Friday that more than 2600 cops were-guarded to ensure foolproof security across the twin cities but yet former president declined to appear in the court due to security reasons. Besides’ that hundreds of plainclothesmen were also deployed around the special court and crowded points to keep a vigilant eye on the activities of every persons. “We have arranged full proof security and there are no possibilities of any untoward action but yet the former president is reluctant to appear in the court”. Said a senior police official while talking to this reporter. The official who was not authorized to speak to media said that the police was capable enough to thwart any possible terror attempt.
Regarding threats to the life of former president the official said that the threats are general not specific. The official said that extraordinary security arrangement for a single person has not only taken a heavy toll on the overall performance of the Islamabad Police, which are facing an acute shortage of security staff but the expenditure on his security has crossed the Rs200 millions. 
He said that due to Musharraf’s security on daily basis in and around the capital city there is a huge gap between the demand for security and their supply at various police stations and sensitive installations. “A lot of sensitive areas are under serious threats which need tight security, especially after bombings on a judicial complex in Islamabad; many places did not feel the need of security, have now begun requesting capital police for providing adequate security,” he said, adding that after the interior ministry gave instructions to Islamabad police to ensure full proof security of Musharraf, there has been a steady shortage of police personals in Islamabad. 
“As of now, the police department has a shortage of over 10,00 security personnel,” official maintained. “Though police department is reviewing the security arrangements of all the sensitive areas and necessary steps are being taken to plug the gap but its difficult as Musharraf’s case is still pending,” he said. 
The official linked the shortage of police personals to Musharraf’s security however IG Islamabad couldn’t be reached for his comments despite several attempts.

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