China to help Pakistani people learn Chinese language: envoy


ISLAMABAD: Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong has said his government is ready to provide every possible help to Pakistani people to learn Chinese language.The ambassador told the 13th Chinese Bridge Competition in Pakistan held at the NUML that China will send 60 Chinese teachers to Pakistan this year and invite 140 Pakistani Chinese language teachers to China for training. “We will spare no effort in providing more and more platforms, programs and materials for Pakistani young people to learn Chinese,” he said.The ambassador said there is a burst of enthusiasm to learn Chinese language in Pakistan. Many Confucius Institutes have been established or being built, he said. “The first institute has been established at NUML and the first Confucius Classroom has been opened by China Radio International. The second Confucius Institute in Karachi is already in place. The third institute will be in Faisalabad and we are pushing forward to set up more institutes in Pakistan,” he said.The ambassador said the Chinese government is working all out to promote the Chinese language teaching in the world. The Confucius Institute is the most important platform to provide Chinese language and cultural teaching resources worldwide. The Institute is named after Confucius, who was a great philosopher and educator some 2,500 years ago. “By the end of 2013, there were 440 Confucius Institutes and 646 Confucius Classrooms established among 120 countries, which is a testimony to the effort and progress by China in promoting Chinese language teaching,” he said.The ambassador said Chinese language is the symbol and embodiment of the Chinese culture and is a bridge between the foreigners and the Chinese people, between the foreign cultures and the Chinese culture. “It can get you closer to China and Chinese people. You must be proud of learning and having a good command over the Chinese language. As the Chinese ambassador to Pakistan, I am proud that in our brotherly country, Pakistan, there are a lot of students and friends who can speak Chinese language,” he said.The ambassador said the Chinese Bridge is the highest level Chinese language competition and is an annual contest in Pakistan. The 13th competition has lasted for more than 45 days and attracted more than 20 participants from different areas of the country. There are seven contestants standing out from the first two contests. “Today, they are coming to the final stage in Pakistan. The winner has got the opportunity to attend the International Final Competition in China. Another participant has the chance to watch the competition in China,” he said.The ambassador extended congratulations to all the finalists for their excellent performance in the competition. “You are top users of the Chinese language among the Pakistani young people. In my view, the seven finalists are all winners. You have improved your Chinese and achieved a lot by attending the competition, which is the treasure in your life and will bring benefits to you. I am looking forward that you make a better performance in today’s competition,” he concluded.

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