26 outlaws held in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI: Police in its drive against anti-social elements have arrested 26 outlaws, including six marriage act violators, and two drunkards. Some 1,120 grams of hash, 48 bottles of liquor, 35 litres of wine, four 30-bore pistols and LPG refilling gadgets were recovered from their possession. According to sources, the airport police netted a man for keeping the possession of hash. The police further rounded up three more people for possessing 35 litres of wine, while another guy was taken into custody for having five bottles of liquor. Meanwhile, several others were arrested for keeping the possession of liquor ranging upto 48 bottles. In another incident, the Chontra police arrested two males who were allegedly under the influence of alcohol. Several others accused were arrested for having illegal weapons, drugs and liquor. The RaceCourse police held two more people who were running an illegal LPG refilling agency. Meanwhile, the RA Bazar and the airport police acting on tip-offs raided two different marriage ceremonies and arrested three people for using firecrackers. Police recovered huge quantity of fireworks from their possession. Sadiqabad police also conducted a raid and held three more for violating the Marriage Act.

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