Encroachment of capital roads by vendors goes unchecked

ISLAMABAD: Displaying and putting wares on roads have become a common practice in most of the markets of the city, causing inconvenience to not only the road users but also to pedestrians.This unchecked exercise presents bad face of the capital, especially during the month of Ramazan when people visit the markets for their Ramazan and Eid shopping. In Aabpara and the Karachi Company, the encroachments in front of the shops are at its peak. Bashir Ahmed, a pedestrian, while talking to the media personnel said that several link roads do not have space for the pedestrians, due to the encroachments by the shopkeepers, forcing the pedestrians to walk on the main roads instead of footpaths, causing traffic problems and accidents as well. If any place is spared from overflowing of goods then the shopkeepers display their goods at the footpaths by parking two-wheelers or four-wheelers, he added.Munir, another pedestrian said that it takes him thirty minutes to move from one corner to the other corner of the market because of such overflowing of wares by the shopkeepers as his house is situated nearby the market. With respect to land-grabbing, he commented that the condition was worst in the residential sectors where most of the land grabbers and encroachers are highly influential due to which the authorities are reluctant to take action against them. Although, the CDA’s Directorate of Enforcement has been trying hard to clear the capital city of the menace of encroachment, it has only achieved a little success.Usually, the CDA staffers are able to, at best, displace encroachers, such as fruit vendors and stall holders who return after a while. A CDA official admitted the ground reality that it is impossible to remove the illegal kiosks from the capital territory as whenever the CDA removes or bulldoze such encroachments from an area of the city, ten more are constructed on the other side. He said that the process of removing such illegal kiosks is going on expeditiously but he cannot draw a line that when the authority would succeed to get rid of such encroachments. 

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