Govt ‘defeated’ in ongoing peace talks with Taliban: PPP

Govt ‘defeated’ in ongoing peace talks with Taliban: PPP

ISLAMABAD: Leader of the opposition in the Upper House Senator Aitzaz Ahsan on Tuesday said that the Taliban fugitives are more interested in getting their prisoners released than in the promulgation of sharia in the country, and its seems the government ahs been defeated.
Taking part in a debate in Senate over law and order situation with particular reference to the recent terrorist attacks, Aitzaz said that the government seems defeated in the ongoing talks with Taliban. He substantiated his claim by saying the government was facing trouble and said that only 30 percent of Taliban are taking refuge in the tribal areas, while the remaining 70 percent have spread throughout the country.  
He said that the bombers that are striking in Karachi, Lahore and other major cities of the country are not coming from the tribal areas, rather the base of the terrorists are the cities where these terrorist attacks take place. “I would like to make it clear that my party (PPP) is not against the peace talks but the way these talks are taking place is not acceptable,” Aitzaz said. Without naming any specific party, he said that the Taliban have now become part of some political parties, and it seems that Taliban are holding talks with Taliban.
About the militants not respecting the state writ, he said the government has been confined to bunkers while militants are in full action. The PPP stalwart continued that the government has recognised the Taliban, and that people like Maulana Abdul Aziz have been included in Taliban committee, who have opposed presence of women and minorities in parliament. Aitzaz demanded that the government should include Shias, women and minorities’ representatives in its Taliban negotiation committee.
Senator Mushahidullah Khan, a PML-N senator, said that the Taliban have accepted the constitution of Pakistan and that’s the reason they have named their group Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). State Minister for Interior Baleegur Rehman said all the political parties have given mandate to the government for holding talks with Taliban and the government wouldn’t consider other options until conclusion of dialogue process

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