State institutions should avoid crossing their limits, says CJP

* Justice Jillani says protection of democracy prime responsibility of elected government and all other national institutions

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Tassaduq Hussain Jillani on Friday said that the state institutions should play their respective roles to strengthen justice, but avoid crossing their limits.
He said the protection of democracy was the prime responsibility of the elected government and all other national institutions. Addressing a full court reference in the honour of Justice Khilji Arif Hussain at the Supreme Court, he said the courts, especially the apex court, have to play their role in this regard. The CJP said that Pakistan was plagued by several wars besides terrorism and sectarianism. He said the country was waging a war against the abuse of minorities, women and children. “It is our responsibility to stand united for Pakistan,” the country’s top judge said. 
He said that state institutions in the country should play their respective roles to strengthen justice, but avoid crossing their limits. The CJP said the country was faced with terrorism, sectarian conflicts and the issue of basic rights. “It is our duty to abide by the rule of law, ensure human dignity and uphold the values of tolerance and trust,” the CJP said. He said a country formed on constitutional basis should ensure political, social and economic justice. Moreover, the chief justice added that every state agency should strive to achieve the aforesaid goals, and no institution should exceed its assigned role.
According to the SC’s top judge, the country was passing through a difficult phase and the rule of law was an unending quest. He commended Justice Khilji for dutifully discharging his responsibilities. On human rights, the CJP said usurping the freedom of people could not be allowed in the war against terrorism on the pretext of national security and preservation of democracy.
“All of us, the bench and the bar, the government and all institutions must protect democracy. This protective role is the most sacred duty of all courts and the Supreme Court in particular. We have to protect the constitutional values of democracy, of religious tolerance, of human dignity and providing inexpensive and expeditious justice,” Justice Jillani said. “As our country faces a multitude of battles; against terrorism; against sectarian violence and ethnic cleansing of minorities and on weakened rights for women and children, it is our duty, as a pillar of this state, to hold fast to belief in the seminal values of the rule of law, of human dignity, of tolerance and of compassion.” 

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