Towards a greener, calmer and secure Islamabad!

ISLAMABAD: The capital has a lot of flaws in its design, such as the abundance of greenbelts, lack of roads and parking lots. During the reign of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, one huge shortcoming would be removed too. The entrances to the capital would be gated to replace the cargo containers. Like the Mughal role models, the Sharif brothers would transform the capital into a 21st century walled city. A 200 feet wide peripheral concrete wall would protect the two million residents of the city.The friendship with China can again come to the rescue of the nation. After all, it had built the Great Wall of China many centuries ago, that is even visible from the space. The contract can surely be granted without due diligence and competitive bidding to speed up the innovative ‘development work’. Already, the PML-N has surprised the nation so much. Overnight, its signature fuel dependence has been replaced with environment friendliness. Even at the risk of the Saudi annoyance, the country’s petrol stations have been dried of fuel, forcing an average Pakistani to walk on foot or pedal a bicycle.The policy is not only helping the people generate some bits of healthy cholesterol but also saving lives lost in the road accidents. Reduction of the noise pollution and end to the road rage may be appreciable outcomes but nothing can be more advantageous than giving the nation a well-deserved chance to take some well-deserved rest. Real democracy truly cares for well being of the people. As the Independence Day is near, the nation may have another reason to enjoy absolute peace of mind. The cellular services may be severed. Cable news channels are less likely to intrude your privacy as the IESCO has in place a foolproof plan to shed the electric load shedding. All those new buffs can rely on ‘authentic’ reporting by none other than Radio Pakistan.The capitali’ites have been offered a unique chance to know their neighbour too. The residents of the capital have little tendency to socialise. It’s all set for a crash course in social harmony beyond divides of grades and ethno-lingual fault lines. For the youth complaining of vanishing playgrounds, empty roads would do well for cricket matches and badminton courts. The capital is changing to avert the country from the same. In case of water shortage, the citizens better learn to share the vital fluid in the memory of Karbala tragedy. The CDA water tankers, meanwhile, would be used to spray water against rowdy thankless anarchists, crying hoarse about the May 2013 elections. In case, someone is still dying of boredom, please try walking towards the ruins of D Chowk. The state would surely come to the rescue. The adamant fun-haters would either end up in a hospital or official lock-up. The new adventure won’t leave any complaint un-addressed.

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