Low weight of roti goes unchecked in twin cities

ISLAMABAD: The low weight of roti and naan goes unchecked in the twin cities due to absence of a mechanism to check the weight and price of the commodities on a daily basis.
The residents of various localities have expressed concerns over the weight and price of roti and naan, saying that it should be checked on a daily basis to ensure availability of the items of prescribed weight at affordable price.
The residents said that authorities concerned should take notice of the recent increase in the prices of roti and naan. 
They demanded that a proper mechanism should be introduced for checking the prices of bread on a daily basis.
Haq Nawaz, a senior citizen at the Karachi Company, said that some bread makers did not increase the price but decreased the weight of naan and roti to 70 gramems instead of the official weight of 120 grammes.
A bread maker at a G7 market said they had to purchase gas cylinders and wood as an additional expenditure so they could not afford selling bread at a low price. 
He claimed that the weight of naan and roti had not been decreased, adding that it was not true, however, there were a large number of complaints that the weight of roti had already been reduced in the twin cities. 
The bread makers at different localities of the capital are selling naan and roti at different rates – Rs 7, Rs 8, Rs 10 and Rs 12 – and fleecing the common people, said the residents of various localities.
An official of the district administration, when contacted, he said that the authorities had earlier fixed the rate of a 120g roti at Rs 6. 
He said that no ‘tandoor’ owner would be allowed to fix the rate of roti of their choice and strict action be taken upon violation of the law.

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