PNAC celebrates ‘World Accreditation Day’

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC) on Monday celebrated the ‘World Accreditation Day’ to highlight the importance of accreditation process towards ensuring provision of quality products, services, and thus ensuring consumers confidence.The theme for this year “Accreditation: Delivering Confidence in the Provision of Energy” is the most appropriate keeping in view the ever-increasing demand for the energy and the important role that energy plays in the socio-economic development of societies. Ministry of Science of Technology Federal Secretary Kamran Ali acknowledged the achievements made by the PNAC like Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) from International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation and Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA) from International Accreditation Forum, the regional and international apex bodies respectively.Pakistan is facing acute energy shortages due to ever increasing demand. Simultaneously, there is a pressure on the industry to cut emissions and to introduce energy efficient measures. Since the generation, the storage and distribution of energy involves complex supply chains and processes, often concerning cross-border trade and distribution of volatile substances, therefore the need for ensuring conformity to internationally recognised standards becomes even more pressing. The commercial development of alternative renewable sources of energy needs to demonstrate value in terms of cost, reliability, durability, and performance. It needs to be environment friendly as well, he added.He focused that the accreditation provides assurance and guarantee in the competence and integrity of conformity assessment bodies responsible to ensure implementation of all the required standards, regulations, and other government policies. It is highly important that the consumers get assurance in respect of safety, security of the goods and services they utilise. This confidence can only be gained through the application of management systems supported by credible testing and inspections. While speaking on the occasion PNAC Director General Khalid Mahmood said that goods and services need to adopt standards in line with the WTO requirements and its technical barriers to trade (TBT) to support global competence and compatibility. He focused on the need of accreditation, keeping in view the consumer confidence.He urged all public and private organisations to obtain accreditation of their labs for better acceptability in domestic and international markets. The exporters are specially advised to avail the internationally recognised services of the PNAC at local cost to get them accredited so that their products/services are accepted everywhere in the world. The local cost for accreditation is far less than that of the foreign accreditation. On attaining the status of MRA and MLA, the PNAC has been included in the list of accreditation bodies. He further focused on the need of halal and medical labs accreditation and said that in China 100% medical labs are accredited, in developed countries more than 80% labs are accredited, and even in India more than 500 labs are accredited.The PNAC has accredited only eight medical labs up till now, six from the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP), one from the public sector (Services Institute of Medical Sciences), and one from the private sector (Chughtai Labs, Lahore) as per ISO 15189. This would ensure quality health care services to the people of the country, he added. The PNAC has beefed up its measures to accredit a large number of medical labs to ensure the health and safety of the citizens, Mahmood said.

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