CDA fails to upgrade emergency services

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has failed to upgrade its emergency services, such as the expansion of the fire brigade and establishment of its sub-stations in the city to cope with incidents like the Marriott Hotel fire and Shaheed-i-Millat Secretariat fire incidents.After the Marriott Hotel blast incident, the CDA had planned to improve its emergency services to tackle huge fires. It had also initiated some projects including the up-gradation of the fire brigade, construction of the CDA Disaster Management Academy at Sector H11, establishment of fire brigade sub-stations, training needs assessment project, and urban search and rescue project. So far, the authority has failed to execute these projects, an official informed while talking to the media personnel on Wednesday. He said that due to lack of trained fire fighters and fire brigade sub-stations, the CDA fire engines have failed to extinguish the fire in various emergency incidents like Marriott Hotel and many others. He said that the CDA had acquired new fire engines few years ago, but it had no proper room to park them at the fire brigade headquarters. He said that the authority had planned to expand and upgrade the existing fire brigades.According to the plan, the authority would construct fire brigade headquarters building over an area of 38 acres, the official added. The official further said that under the plan, the CDA had to upgrade the fire brigade in such a way that it could establish parking for the new fire vehicles, emergency fire fighting centre, training centre, sports centre, residence for the staff, and parade ground. He said that the authority's failure in upgrading its emergency services could result in huge loss. The official said that the CDA had purchased 35 vehicles worth Rs 600 million. Out of these vehicles, the authority had received three fire-fighting vehicles, including two 68 meters and two 29 meter ladders. The new vehicles including two fire ladders that could operate up to 68 meters, two snorkels, 10 tanks capable to store 10,000 litre of water, five mini-tanks, two ambulances, and four vans would be bought under the project, he said.The official said that the town planners had also made other plans under which the CDA would divide the city into four zones and would establish sub offices of the fire brigade in different sectors, including Sectors H14, I9, G11, and Hummak. He said that the CDA had also planned to construct a Disaster Management Academy at Sector H11 to provide proper tanning to its staff. The official alleged that due to the negligence of the CDA high ups, work on these projects could not be started. He said that under the training needs assessment project, they had planned to assess the requirement of different kinds of training. The CDA has also prepared PC-1 worth Rs 12 million regarding the project, the sources said. 

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