Gas shortage: traditional bakers making as much bucks as they can : Chapatti now being sold for Rs 15 in capital

* Brick-oven owners say prices increased as they are baking flatbreads using costly LPG, firewood * Step taken after approval of district administration * Assistant commissioner says price of 120-gram flatbread fixed at Rs 6 * Nanbai says prices of bread could further increase by Rs 5 if gas shortage persists
Gas shortage: traditional bakers making as much bucks as they can :  Chapatti now being sold for Rs 15 in capital

ISLAMABAD: The price of flatbread has been increased to up to Rs 15 in the capital due to low gas pressure. It was previously being sold for Rs 8 to Rs 10.
“We have increased the price of chapatti in the capital after an approval given by the district administrations,” a man working at a tandoor (brick oven) told APP on Thursday.
He said that brick-oven owners now had to purchase gas cylinders and firewood, which had increased their cost, so they could not afford to sell flatbread at low rates. 
He said that owners had been trying for the past month to revise the prices, and now they had increased the prices after a unanimous decision.
Brick-oven owners would further increase the price of flatbread by Rs 5 if the shortage of gas continues, said Ziaullah Khan, a naanbai in Sector F6/1.
Meanwhile, there were a large number of complaints regarding the sudden reduction in size and weight of flatbread in the twin cities.
“A sudden rise in the transportation cost (of flour and firewood) has automatically increased the price of chapatti,” said Safeer Ahmed, an owner of a tandoor in Sector G7/2.
When asked, Assistant Commissioner (City) Muhammad Ali said that a meeting of the price control committee and brick-oven owners had been called for next week to settle the issue. He said that the district administration had fixed the rate of 120gm chapatti at Rs 6. “We have met them (naanbais) to keep the prices of chapatti and other flatbread stable, but the issue has not been resolved so far,” he added.
Muhammad Ali further said that no food point or tandoor owner would be allowed to fix the rate of chapatti on his own, and that stern action would be taken against those violating the law. 
An owner of a brick oven said that he had increased the price of 120gm flatbread by up to Rs 10 following the decision of the tandoor owners’ association.
Meanwhile, naanbais at different localities of the capital are selling naan and chapatti at different rates, varying from Rs 8 to Rs 15, fleecing the common people.
“Some naanbais did not increase the prices, but decreased the weight of naan and chapatti to 70gm instead of the official weight of 120gm,” said Mushtaq Ahmed, a senior citizen. 
He said that naan was now being sold for Rs 15 to Rs 20, plain roti for Rs 7 to Rs 8, paratha for Rs 25 to Rs 30, and chapatti for Rs 15. 
The naanbais in the federal capital said it was not possible for them to sell their products at the old prices, as the cost of gas, wood, flour and petrol had surged in the local market.

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