Extraordinary rush witnessed at filling stations in twin cities

* Several pumps closed after running out of stock

ISLAMABAD/RAWALPINDI: With speculation rife that the supply of petrol would be stopped from the filling stations on the eve of Azadi March by PTI, the motorists rushed to fill their tanks on Saturday and long queues were witnessed in the twin cities.Such long lanes had not been seen for the filling of petrol tanks of the vehicles. The motorists started rushing to the petrol pumps on Thursday evening and this mad rush continued on Friday and Saturday. Though petrol was available at most of the stations in the capital, the situation was different in Rawalpindi where several owners had shutdown their filling stations, displaying notice that they have gone out of supply. At some places in Rawalpindi, the petrol is being sold in black, in bottles and canisters to earn more from the needy bikers and car owners. Some of the drivers while talking to the media personnel said that the Islamabad administration has issued notices to the petrol pumps to not to supply the fuel in canister or bottles, and only sell to the motorists by filling their tanks. The notice was also displayed at the filling stations.On the other hand, the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources has dispelled all rumors regarding the shortage or suspension of the petrol supplies to the fuel stations. The ministry said the government has taken a number of steps to ensure smooth fuel supply across the country. However, the situation at the petrol stations shows the opposite. Some of the owners said that they were having routine supplies but the rush by the motorists to get their tanks full of petrol has caused the shortage. They said that the motorists are keen to have enough reserve to meet their requirements on the 14th and 15th, because they fear that the filling stations would be shut for security reasons.

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