Encroachments in public parks irk visitors

ISLAMABAD: The people of twin cities have expressed grave concerns over the encroachments in the public parks which have diminished the enjoyment of the visitors, including children and students. Jinnah Park is one of the only few public parks available to the citizens. Many people turn to visit this site with their friends and family to get away from their busy routines and to have a sense of freshness. The park, a property of the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), is instead being run by the Jinnah Park administration. The park administration is all set to turn this beautiful park into a commercial entity by allowing illegal construction of the restaurants. This illegal construction is not only against the master plan of the park itself that allows only two restaurants but is also against the ruling of the Supreme Court of Pakistan that the apex court made in the case of another famous restaurant in Islamabad’s Fatima Jinnah Park in Sector F9. The commoners of Rawalpindi have shown their concern on the mushroom growth of the restaurants and other commercial facilities in a public park.

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