Opp blocks three govt bills in Senate

* Federal Court (Repeal), National Judicial (Policy Making) Committee (Amend) and Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils (Amend) bills referred to standing committees concerned
Opp blocks three govt bills in Senate

ISLAMABAD: The legislators in the Upper House of parliament on Thursday gave tough time to the government, blocking the passage of three bills – the Federal Court (Repeal) Bill 2014 and the National Judicial (Policy Making) Committee (Amendment) Bill 2014 and The Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils (Amendment) Bill, 2014, which have already been passed by the National Assembly. 
Minister for law, justice and human rights introduced these bills, which were subsequently referred to the relevant committees. Ministers Pervaiz Rashid and Zahid Hamid told the House that both bills were discussed in detail in the National Assembly and also in its standing committee and were passed with consensus of all the political parties, including PPPP, therefore, there is no justification to send these bills again for further deliberations to the concerned standing committee of the Senate. 
But PPP leaders Mian Raza Rabaani and leader of opposition Aitizaz Ahsan opposed the bills. They were of the view that both the houses have their own positions and often a bill passed by the National Assembly requires some amendments. Senate Chairman Nayyar Hussain Bukhari put both the resolutions before the House and it was decided that the bills will be sent to the standing committee concerned. Meanwhile, Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs Chairman Haji Mohammad Adeel presented a report on the Pakistan Sovereignty Bill, 2010 but the House did not approve the bill and dropped it.
The opposition senators and Senate chairman expressed serious reservations over non-presentation of the national security document in the Senate despite directives from the chair. Rabbani read out some rules for enforcement of Chairman Directives, noting that non-compliance constituted contempt of the House. He reminded the Senate chairman that on March 3 and 4 the chair issued directives to the government to present document of national security in the Senate but it has not been done. He asked him to ensure enforcement of his directives.
In response, Leader of House Raja Zafarul Haq said the directive mentioned no date, therefore, the government will present it some time in the future. He also admitted that the said document should be presented in the Senate either simultaneously or some time later. Senate chairman took assurance from leader of house for presentation of the report before the prorogation of current session of the Senate. Haq assured he will try his best to present the report in the house during current session. 

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