Olympiad 2014 ends with a gracious closing ceremony

ISLAMABAD: The Millennium Olympiad 2014 came to an end with a gracious closing ceremony presided over by Korea’s Ambassador to Pakistan Song Jong-Hwan. 
The Millennium Olympiad 2014 concluded with an inspiring performance by the RDB – Sahara UK & QB (Quratul Ain Baloch). 
Addressing the audience at the closing ceremony after the successful completion of the Millennium Olympiad 2014, Roots Millennium Schools Chief Executive Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq said, “This Roots Millennial Olympiad 2014 was all about providing students the opportunity to take part in creative fields and have fun at the same time as we are committed to improving the educational experience of our students. Along with the academic competitions there were social events: concerts, stage performances and a myriad of other exciting extravaganzas in these four days that became a cherished memory of your life.”
Song Jong-Hwan while addressing the closing ceremony praised the hard work and dedication of teachers and students, and said, “The Roots National Olympiad this year simply exceeded expectations. The hard work of the organisers has truly paid off in the shape of this mega event. I would like to offer my felicitations to all the students and salute the dedication and commitment of this great institution, leadership, management and teachers who are nurturing the future of Pakistan.”
Organisers took pride in the remarkable management of the National Olympiad 2014. There were red faces last week when organisers were excited as well as enthusiastic about the event to begin but at the same time were highly worried and concerned about the preparations. But their untiring efforts, sleepless nights and sweat of hard work all have been blended most skilfully to produce this mega Roots Millennial Olympiad 2014. 
Bright faces, confident tenor, smiling eyes and giggling voices were speaking volume of the fact that their four-day Olympiad was a great success that involved an untiring and unmitigated spirit and hard work. One of the organisers said, “The Roots National Olympiad Management Team is proud to support and organise this Olympiad with every day being breathtaking, exciting and well organised, leaving everyone awestruck. Throughout the event, thrill was in the air and heat was rushing through the veins. It was really heart-warming to see that everyone had fun and was united under one banner; to share ideas and explore out of the box.”
Even though this year’s celebrations were a little different from previous years, the youth turned out in full force to see and remember with gratitude the dedication and hard work of the organisers and Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq. 

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