Laparoscopic surgery workshop held in capital


ISLAMABAD: A workshop on laparoscopic surgery was held by the Laparoscopic Associates of Pakistan at Maroof International Hospital (MIH) on Saturday.Thirteen surgeons from the different cities of Pakistan attended this workshop. The participants were all qualified surgeons who had limited formal training in laparoscopic surgery. They were trained in various skills and various laparoscopic procedures were demonstrated to them in detail. The three-day workshop was highly appraised by all the participants. The purpose of workshop was to generalize this modern technique among the surgeons. The participants of the workshop were given hands on experience and the breakdown of the steps of performing laparoscopic surgery.In the concluding ceremony, Ch. Naseer Ahmed Chairman MIH said that they will continue this effort and support the training of laparoscopic surgeon from all across the country. Dr.Idrees Anwar advised the participants to continue their pursuit in learning laparoscopic skills even when they are back to their home stations. Prof. Asif Zafar Malik said that it is our responsibility to teach and transfer the knowledge to young surgeons from all across the country so as to enable them to perform laparoscopic procedures when they go back to their respective departments. Dr. Faisal Murad thanked his team and participants for the success of the workshop and encouraged the participants to continue learning and improving laparoscopic skills because laparoscopy has become the gold standard for most of the abdominal procedures.

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