Crime graph of capital rising steeply


ISLAMABAD: The crime graph of the capital has witnessed a steep hike with a rise in the incidents of car theft and burglary.The crime diaries of year 2014 showed that the police professionals count four offences in its violent crime statistics: murder, rape, robbery and car-theft on public places. The car thieves even didn’t spare the official car of the Crime Investigation Department (CID) SP that was stolen along with two wireless sets this week. Property crimes include house robbery, and depriving people of their valuables.According to reports, the number of criminal cases registered in first four months rose to more than 1,500. One case of gang-rape was registered in the first week of April while over 10 cases of murder were reported in the past three months in different sectors of the city.In the latest incident, two members of a family were violently murdered in Sector G11 last month, whereas the police remain clueless about the incident. In another incident, a woman and her seven-year-old daughter were found dead in their house in F11/2 sector. They were allegedly intoxicated. Moreover, Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ) leader Mufti Munir Muawia was gunned down by unidentified assailants last month.The number of street crimes also showed a sharp climb with incidents of street robbery, car lifting and burglary. Yet in another incident of gang-rape in the capital, two girls were gang-raped with the alleged involvement of some influential personalities. The girls were kidnapped and gang-raped in a jungle adjacent to Athal on the outskirts of Bhara Kahu.On the other hand, the crime rate has increased in the jurisdictions of Sihala Police Station, Sabzi Mandi Police Station and Koral Police Station due to incompetent officers deputed in the stations, a survey conducted by Daily Times showed.A senior police official, on the basis of anonymity, attributed the rise in the crime to the politicians, bureaucrats and the influential people on whose patronage blue-eyed officials are posted in the police stations that turn a blind eye to the wrongdoings that their patron or their benefactors commit.AIG Sultan Azum Taimuri said that to secure the capital from criminal activities, the Islamabad police have formally launched the “Safe City Campaign” to ensure protection to the lives and property of the citizens. “Along with the ‘Safe City Campaign,’ the Islamabad police have also launched an ‘Anti-Car Lifting Scheme’ in order to curb the crime respectively, he said.Taimuri further said that the equipment and the tools to prevent car lifting would now be available at the Rescue 15 offices which include chip card and locks. Tools and services to make homes safer will also be available. Meanwhile, the station house officers (SHO) of 11 police stations were reallocated by the AIG on the recommendation of the chief superintendent of police (SP), the sources said.

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