Sketches of F8 Kacheri attackers revealed

Sketches of F8 Kacheri attackers revealed

ISLAMABAD: Four days after suicide attacks and gunshots that ripped Islamabad Kacheri, there are no clear leads yet with the police. However, the Islamabad police have prepared two sketches of terrorists involved in Monday’s serial bombings and gunshots while terrorists group’ involvement in the attack is yet to be ascertained.
Police said that investigators have prepared sketches based on eyewitness accounts.
Eyewitnesses present on the scene have provided the description of the two suicide bombers to the investigation team and rough sketches of two men also have been prepared, police added.
Eyewitnesses who were present on incident site saw only two young bearded men with guns shooting the people with Kalashnikovs one by one,” a senior officer said. Since the eyewitnesses saw the attackers only for few seconds, as there was panic all around before the blast took place, their descriptions are still hazy, the official said.
Police claimed that both these men were between the age of 18 and 22. They also claimed that one of them had a beard while the other was wearing a police cap.
The intelligence agencies have, meanwhile, ruled out the involvement of more than two people in the serial explosions and gunshots that killed 11 people and injured more than 25.
“Investigations done so far and visit to the sites by forensic experts and investigators suggest that there were only two suicide bombers,” IG Islamabad Sikindar Hayat’s spokesman said.
Police sources said that a joint meeting of capital police and intelligence agencies has looked into all possible aspects of the blast and considered the evidence on the ground. “A case of this nature takes time and all officers have been directed to carry on with their investigation with the help of eyewitnesses. 
Meanwhile four days after the brutal attack on F8 Kacheri in Islamabad, no arrests have yet been made in the case and police is yet to ascertain the exact number of attackers in the attack. But the district government has now started installing CCTV cameras and walkthrough gates at the site of attack.
The police have appealed to the public to provide details about the attackers on 03005000577 and 0519261510. They have said that the informants’ names and other details will remain confidential.

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