Residents face water shortage

ISLAMABAD: Residents of the Airport Housing Society have been suffering from a severe water shortage.
“Water shortage developed in early December last year, and some suspect the problem is tied to increasing population in the society, while the resources of water remain the same,” a resident told APP.
Mrs Sattar, a resident of the society, said the authorities had failed to meet the increasing demand of water, forcing the residents to look to alternative solutions, such as water boring, to meet their needs. 
Another resident, Shama, said, “We are facing severe water shortage as underground water levels go deeper and the costs of hiring water tankers go higher.”
Representative of the society quote financial difficulties being faced by them as the main reason behind the non-initiation of any water supply project.
People were concerned that they are facing water shortage in winter and feared that in summer, the residents have to face scarcity of water, adding the authorities have failed to initiate any project to chalk out a solution. 

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