Ulema urged to play role tocurb inflation in Ramazan

ISLAMABAD: The religious scholars should play their due role to curb inflation especially in month of Ramazan through delivering special sermons against the profiteers. The people of federal capital complained that with the advent of the holy month of Ramazan, prices of basic commodities have started increasing across the country. “This is not the first time in the history. In fact, it is a common practice by profiteers on the arrival of Ramazan every year.  Neither they care for sanctity of the month nor the poor financial condition of the people. They just want to become billionaires over a night,” Muhammad Waseem said while purchasing the fruits for Iftar at a local market. Ansa Rani, another customer, said that the government should take stern action against those who are involved in hoarding activities for creating artificial inflation on temporary basis in order to make more money. Shehryar Ghauri suggested that people should boycott the food items practically in case of rise in prices as once happened in Iran when the price of milk was increased by profiteers. As a whole, people urged the government to hold an anti-inflation drive throughout the country to teach a lesson the to the profiteers and to provide a sigh of relief to the people. 

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