Rituals, reading of religious books increase

ISLAMABAD: The trend of reciting Quran, and other Islamic books as well as religious rituals including ‘wazaif’ and reciting different ‘tasbeehat’ increased manifold in the holy month of Ramazan. Ramazan which is considered to be a month of blessings, in which Muslim keep fasting as a religious obligation, everyone wishes to spend most of their time in seeking happiness of God through praying and remaining busy to recite religious rituals in their free time.The increased attendance also witnessed in mosques during the holy month to more than double and one can see almost many people having beads or counters in their hands on the way to mosque.People also seen having beads in their hands while going to office and travelling to their destinations giving a sense of piety and purity during the whole month.This year, with the advent of the holy month of Ramazan the sale of Islamic books, beads and counter has also surged and people mostly seen to remain busy in religious activities cutting short their other engagements.Salman Afzal, an employee of a private bank said, “I do not offer my prayers five times a day regularly but the holy month of Ramazan makes me punctual and I also tries my best to say it in congregation to get more blessings of Allah Almighty”.He said the holy month of Ramazan gives us opportunity to spend more time for happiness of Allah and also a golden time for Muslims to refresh their faith.“The basic concept of fasting the whole day from dawn to dusk, is to feel the misery of other fellows who do not have enough resources to live comfortable life and get blessing of God in return”, he said adding, so people love to spend more time for seeking happiness of Allah.Zahid Nawaz, a shopkeeper of religious books at Karachi Company market said, in Ramazan our sale increased three to four time than our normal business and people also demand beads and counters regularly during the whole month. 

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