Unappreciated and demoralised, how effective is the police?

ISLAMABAD: Indefinite duty hours, improper and unaffordable accommodation, and lack of medical and transportation facilities result in creating psychological problems and affects the performance of the police force amid existing security challenges posed by terrorism and the rising crime rate.According to a survey, special ‘VIP’ duties for indefinite time duration, no appreciation of work and cancellation of leaves have greatly contributed in increasing depression and anxiety among the police officials. The policemen said that they are provided with no proper facilities and financial assistance to perform their duties well and live a respectable life in society. They said that they have to bear all the expenses of their transport, boarding, lodging, patrolling, and even maintenance the expenditures of their official vehicles etc from their meagre resources. Even the required ammunition is not provided to them to curb the evil activities of the criminals who are equipped with the latest weapons and other equipment.The policemen said that they are responsible for the maintenance of law and order in the country but it is ridiculous that have to take lift to reach at their duties due to lack of transport facility from the department and their low income which hurts their ego and also distorts their image among the masses. The police are responsible to maintain the law and order in the country and ensure justice and protection for the public but they are suffering through the worse conditions. Allegedly, due to the unruly and unprofessional pressure exerted by an incumbent police chief on his subordinates in the Islamabad police, one of his immediate staff members recently suffered from brain haemorrhage and is hospitalised in a critical condition. Ironically, the top cop’s pressure is restricted to the low-rank police officials only, while the senior career officers enjoy all the limelight at the cost of their juniors. Cases have been reported in the Islamabad police whereby the senior police officials made scapegoat of their juniors, in attempt to hide their follies, failures, and blunders.Moreover, the senior police officials are also alleged to be involved in serious crimes like extortion and kidnappings. An SP of the Islamabad police has been accused of patronising kidnappings for ransom and has been probed by the Interior Ministry.Even the senior police officials are transferred and suspended on trivial charges, which have created a sense of insecurity among the police officials. All of these conditions provoke resentment and reactive attitude among the policemen. The survey findings also indicated that all of these conditions develop psychological problems among the policemen, including senior officials and a sense of deprivation among the police officials. This situation of the police department is prevailing throughout the country while the capital police is facing the worst conditions and they have to fulfil their living needs in the expensive city without any special allowances. The situations needs immediate attention of the authorities concerned if they are interested in providing safety and security to the public and maintain law and order in the city.

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