Civil society protest against the killing of minorities

 ISLAMABAD: The civil society organisations and the common people staged a protest against the recent brutal killings of the minorities, Hazaras and Shia muslims in front of the National Press Club, Islamabad.In solidarity with the affected families, sects, and minorities, Meena Gabeena, a human rights activist led a protest against the four major incidents that took place within four days during Eid. On July 27, a mob in Gujrawala killed an innocent woman and two children of the minority. On July 28, two young innocent boys belonging to the Hazara community were killed and left on the road in Quetta. On July 29, Syed Akhtar Abbas Kazmi, a shia was killed in DI Khan and on July 30, two innocent businessmen, Heralaland and Ashok Kumar, belonging to the Hindu community were killed in Umerkot, Sindh.In the past few days, four major incidents of such brutal targeted murders have been reported and the government has remained silent and the media has not given these issues enough coverage to make the citizens of Pakistan aware about them. Since the PML-N is in power, the Pakistani minorities are under threat. They feel unsafe under this government. The civil society members and the general public have demanded the government to take necessary measures to protect the Pakistani minorities and religious sects. The constitution of Pakistan gives equal rights to the minorities but it has not been implemented. Last time, the government announced 5 percent quota for the religious minorities but practically it is not implemented. The protesters demanded the chief justice of Pakistan to take notice of the current situation and urged the government to evolve a viable strategy for the elimination of radicalisation and terrorism.

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