Slums’ security : Over 98,000 illegal residents living in 24 slum areas of federal capital

Slums’ security :  Over 98,000 illegal residents living in 24 slum areas of federal capital

ISLAMABAD: At least 98,000 persons are illegally residing in 24 slum areas of the Federal Capital including foreigners with few of them having criminal record whose activities are being closely monitored and search operation against such illegal immigrants is underway. 
According to information shared by an official of Ministry of Interior, there are 98,000 people mostly Afghans who are illegally residing in the Federal Capital. He said that these illegal immigrants have no record in proof of their legal stay. 
He said that two-three areas have been cleared but still there are slum areas which are sensitive. 
Official source said that there are some reports that criminal elements are residing in slum areas near Bari Imam and sector G-12 and search operation is underway against them. 
Regarding the total non-registered residents in Islamabad, the source said there are 175,000 unregistered residents out of which 87,000 are in the areas of Bari Imam and Barakahu. Many among them have connections with certain organizations, the source maintained.
He said that Minister for Interior Ch. Nisar Ali Khan is himself looking into the matter due to its sensitivity and Islamabad police have been ordered to launch crackdown against such elements. 
He said option is also under consideration to erect pickets around these slum areas. There are 24 slums present in sectors F-6, F-7, G-6, G-7, G-8, H-9, H-10, I-9, I-10, I-11 and other parts of the city. These slums include Musharraf Colony G-8, Miskeen Colony G-8, Shopper Colony G-7, Allama Iqbal Colony G-7, Gora Colony H-9 and several others while most of these have been established along nullahs.
The source said that a large number of Afghan Nationals are found roaming in ICT to earn their livelihood. Their involvement in any untoward incident cannot be ruled out. Therefore, concerned authorities of Afghan Refugee Camps have been requested to restrict the movement of Afghanis in their respective Refugee Camps.  
He said In-charge of Refugee Camps have been strictly directed by the competent authority not to allow any person to move outside the camp without permission.
Islamabad District Administration has also been asked to approach the UNHCR for repatriation of Afghan Refugees residing in the jurisdiction of ICT. Besides they may be given pecuniary incentives for repatriation to Afghanistan.
He said survey has been conducted through the beat officers in Kachi Abadies, situated in the jurisdiction of various Police Stations of ICT for taking action against illegal foreigners.
All SDPOs / SHOs have also been strictly directed to deploy their staff at all inlets / outlets to check the activities of foreigners residing in the jurisdiction of ICT and take strict legal action against illegal immigrants.
When contacted, an official source of Islamabad police said, “Special branch has submitted their reports to high officials regarding the potential security risk due to some of these slums areas”.
He said that a joint security plan has been devised by Islamabad and Rawalpindi police following the directions from Minister for Interior Ch. Nisar Ali Khan. As per security plan, he said that police teams of both cities are jointly conducting search operation and monitoring the activities of suspicious elements. 
He said major successes had been achieved during these search operations during the last four months and huge amount of illegal weapons was also recovered. 
Police source said that twin cities’ police have taken finger prints of all nabbed suspects while their CNICs, Afghan registration cards and mobile records are being verified. 

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