Highest altitude climate monitoring station installed at K2 base camp

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's first-ever highest altitude meteorological climate station has been installed at the K2 base camp which has started giving real-time data, said Munir Ahmed, the communication consultant with the Ev-K2-CNR while talking to the media personnel on Wednesday.He said that the highly sophisticated climate station belongs to the integrated SHARE project funded by the EvK2CNR, comprising an international climate and atmospheric monitoring network, researches in environmental and geophysical sciences, and new technology development for monitoring activity in the high mountain regions. According to the real-time data received from the newly installed climate station at the K2 base camp, Ahmed said, "In the last 24 hours, the temperature at the K2 base camp fluctuated between -1 minimum and 6.9 maximum; wind flow at 13 km/h. It is relatively hot at the base camp, and the wind is strong. This was the first data received in real-time from K2."He said, "The station has been installed at 4,970 metres above sea level. This is not merely the mountaineering expedition, but the K2 clean-up and scientific mission are also part of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the K2 ascent by the Italian expedition in 1954. All these activities are being carried out under the title of '60 Years Later'. And, with the installation of the climate station at Boltoro, the first scientific challenge of the expedition has been accomplished. The station has been designed and provided by the CAE, an Italian leader in the multi-hazard monitoring and early warning, and it has been produced with a modular structure which can be disassembled into parts in order to simplify the difficult transportation during long trekking on the Baltoro Glacier. The station has been provided with four sensors: anemometer, thermoigrometer, barometer, and albedometer which measures wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, snow level, and solar irradiation, and it is able to transmit the data automatically and in real-time to the researchers."To transport the station on the Baltoro Glacier has not been easy, even if we used animals," the EvK2CNR researchers said. "We worked hard and quickly with Madi, our Pakistani technician, to install the station and to calibrate all the sensors. The most difficult and complex aspect was the communication system and the real-time data connection," they said. The Pakistani and Italians at K2 base camp, coordinated by Marcello Alborghetti and Madi, worked together to reach this important scientific goal. "This meteorological station at the K2 base camp is the fourth station located on the Baltoro area, EvK2CNR scientific coordinator said. The data that would be provided by this new station would increase all climatic data and information. The station would send real-time data during all the duration of the K2 Expedition that is going on. All the nine members of the expedition team reached camp one, while the two Italian mountaineers, Michele Cucchi and Simone Origone, with four Pakistani are trying to reach base camp two inspite of the bad weather conditions. 

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