No international pressure to give Musharraf a ‘safe exit’, says govt

* Pervaiz Rashid says all decisions on Musharraf to be made by court * No foreign govt ever contacted Pakistan on Musharraf * Kh Asif says no decision made so far to send Musharraf abroad for treatment
No international pressure to give Musharraf a ‘safe exit’, says govt

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Information and Broadcasting Pervez Rashid categorically stated on Thursday that there has been no international pressure in the past nor now as far as the issue of Pervez Musharraf is concerned and it is the court’s prerogative to decide whether the former military dictator should be allowed to travel abroad for medical treatment. 
Talking to media, the information minister said all relevant decisions, including Musharraf’s treatment abroad, would be made by the court during the hearing of the high treason case against him. He said none of the foreign governments have contacted Pakistan about Musharraf. Meanwhile, Defence Minister Khawaja Asif said Thursday that the government has not made any decision to send Musharraf abroad and it is up to the court to decide in this regard. Talking to a private TV channel, the defence minister said that the government is well aware of the matters pertaining to Musharraf and so far no decision has made to send him abroad, and the government has left this matter up to the court. “We have no personal conflict with the former president. He is a criminal of the nation. Politicians have always appeared before the court and showed their courage and now the nation has seen the real face of army dictators,” the minister remarked.
He said Musharraf should keep his promise to the nation and appear before the court and not run away. Earlier, Khawaja Asif called on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and apprised him of the present power situation in the country. According to sources Musharraf’s issue was also discussed. Sources said that Asif briefed the prime minister about the health of the former military ruler. The duo decided that the government would not interfere in the matter amid on-going treason case against Musharraf, sources said. The prime minister and the defence minister agreed that decision about Musharraf’s travel abroad for medical treatment should be left to the court.
Musharraf had on Wednesday shown mistrust in the Islamabad police regarding provision of security to him for appearance in the special court that is hearing the high treason case against him. When the three-member special court, headed by Justice Faisal Arab, on Wednesday resumed the hearing over the federal government’s complaint against Musharraf for the offence of high treason, the counsel for the accused, Anwar Mansoor Khan, said that interior secretary was himself the complainant against his client and the capital police falls under his control, therefore, they had zero confidence on the Islamabad police for provision of security to Pervez Musharraf on his personal appearance before the court. The legal team of the former military dictator has contended that the court cannot issue arrest warrant against the accused at this stage under the High Treason Act 1976. 

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