Florists say rain might dampen sales on Valentine’s Day

ISLAMABAD: Florists in the capital are expecting low sales on Valentine Day, falling on February 14, due to chances of more rain spells during the month of February, as predicted by weather experts.
The flower sellers who have started illuminating their shops with colourful seasonal flowers, especially fragrant red roses and bouquets, fear that rain may impact their sales on Valentine’s Day.
Experts have predicted four rain spells in the month, which will further bring down the mercury considerably.
With the advent of February, flower sellers in the major markets of the city have started stocking tonnes of flowers and are ready to attract more and more customers.
Akbar Ali, a florist at Jinnah Super Market, said, “Valentine Day is the biggest occasion for us to earn huge business and the best thing is that youngsters don’t bargain and willingly pay the amount.”
“It is only the rain that can impact the sales, as most of the people do not prefer coming out of their homes during the rainy days,” he observed.
Another flower seller, Shabbir Hussain, expressed fears that the rainy weather, if continues to prevail until Valentine’s Day, could mar the sales, as buyers would be reluctant to visit the markets in the cold weather.
The price of a bouquet during usual days ranges from Rs 500 to Rs 1,000, however, on the Valentine’s Day, the price of a single flower surges to Rs 300 to Rs 400, he said.
“The trend of online shopping is also a threat to shopkeepers on such days, as it facilitates the buyers and they can buy bouquets or other gifts while sitting at their homes,” he said.
The sellers usually place a large number of orders to the nurseries for fresh stocks of red roses during the first week of February. 
Sometimes, they store the flowers in deep freezers a week ahead to keep them fresh and avoid shortage. 
The shopkeepers have also started embellishing their places with stuffed toys and other things, mostly in red, including balloons, teddy bears, cards, romantic poetry books and colourful ornaments. They have also started displaying chocolates and other items with picture of heart carved on them, and inscribed with beautiful messages for the loved ones.
The Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly a blessing for florists in the capital, as the day provides an opportunity to make grand sales, even more than any other event, like the New Year and Eid.
Celebrations of Valentine’s Day are not limited to any specific generation; rather it is celebrated by all, irrespective of their age. 
People exchange love greetings on the day and give each other flowers, chocolates and other gifts.
The event has its origins in the 5th century Rome and is celebrated as a tribute to St Valentine, a Catholic bishop. 

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