Preparations for Independence Day start gaining momentum

ISLAMABAD: The preparations to celebrate the Independence Day on the 14th, in a befitting manner and with a pledge to work with zeal for a strong and prosperous Pakistan, are gaining momentum across the country.The Independence Day would be celebrated with a pledge to work with zeal for a strong and prosperous Pakistan. The people, especially the children, are enthusiastically purchasing national flags, buntings, posters, stickers, and candles to decorate their homes.Decorative items are in high demand these days, including national flags, multi-coloured garlands, badges, Minar-e-Pakistan models, and portraits of Quaidi Azam, and other national heroes.The business of these items at all the big stores, as well as the roadside vendors remains on its peak between the 1st and 14th, which shows the love of the people towards Pakistan. In the twin cities, the preparations for the Independence Day is gaining momentum as the vendors have set up stalls for the sale of colourful buntings, national flags, banners, and picture of the national heroes. National songs are in the air giving the message that the whole nation is united.The national flag would be hoisted at important buildings to celebrate the day in a befitting manner. Printers and makers of bindings, flags, banners, and badges are fully engaged in their business. They are also making arrangements to dispatch these items to other areas of the country to meet the growing demand. Meanwhile, following the reports of suspected terrorism on the 14th, security measures throughout the country would be tightened. In this regard, the government has directed to make foolproof security arrangements of all the sensitive installations, airports, security departments, jails, govt offices, and as well key personalities.The inspector generals (IGs) of all the four provinces, along with IGs of Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir have been directed to make sure about the foolproof security arrangements in their respective provinces. Strict security ought to be employed at all events regarding the Independence Day and any kind of ignorance would not be tolerated, the directives said.

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