Gallery 6 to showcase ‘Four Fabulous Fascinations’

ISLAMABAD: Gallery 6 is all set to showcase the latest art work of four acmes of fine arts, including Fauzia Minallah, Mubina Zuberi, Sajida Hussain, and Zohra Amarta Shah under one roof, portraying nature, environmental degradation, fantasy, child abuse, and interaction of women with society in an exhibition titled “Four Fabulous Fascinations”.The exhibition of the latest artwork by these fabulous fine arts names would be inaugurated on the 7th and would conclude by the 17th. Having a strong grip on their artwork, these legendry artists are likely to attract a large number of art lovers to the gallery to enjoy their strong line and colour combinations. Fauzia Minallah would display her latest series titled ‘Meditative Strokes’ during the exhibition. Her artwork would show the beauty of the abundant trees that add a riot of colours to the capital. “For me art is not only man made found in galleries and museums, but also out there in the nature,” Fauzia added, while making comments on her latest work. Elaborating further she observed that these trees are the soul of the capital and it is painful to see them vanishing in the ongoing mega development projects. “As an activist, I can protest against the destruction of the green spaces but as a painter, I can at least preserve this beauty,” she concluded.Mubina Zuberi described her work that would be on-display and said, “My paintings whether they are abstracts or figurative are always about interaction of women with their environment and society and how they react to the social pressures in which they compromise and survive.”Sajida Hussain categorises her work in the school of impressionistic cubical activity, which is based on figuration. She has maintained the integration in formal form and void surface through using soft value and light, which creates an impact of fantasy.Depicting the child abuse and violence against the children present in the society, Zohra Amarta Shah was of the view that her work reflects the abusers and children who have suffered, are wounded, have remained silent, or have gone unheard and are scarred, both physically and emotionally. “My paintings are a form of social protest, creating public awareness about the issue that might lead to some prevention, as at present, there is no or very limited discussion on this taboo topic,” Amarta Shah added. 

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