Musharraf’s flight delayed for a few days


ISLAMABAD: Pervez Musharraf’s exit from the country has been delayed by “some days”, this was revealed by a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) country’s diplomat. The top bosses at the Pakistan’s all powerful security establishment must have heaved a sigh of relief as the omnipotent diplomatic quarters jumped into the fray to pave the way for Musharraf’s imminent exit from Pakistan. On this count, a Gulf Council country (GCC) that has traditionally had a role in covert or backdoor deals within power corridors across the globe, including the famous agreement that is said to have prepared grounds for Benazir Bhutto’s return to Pakistan back in the year 2007, has again sprang into the action. The top diplomat of that country in Pakistan was upbeat on Tuesday about Musharraf’s exit, but cited moral and political pressure on the PML-N government as a major reason for delay of “some days” in the way of his departure. Directly instrumental in this context, the Islamabad-based top diplomatic functionary of the GCC state looks to be in full action, and very sure that the deal in the making will be realised soon despite resistance from the ruling party’s second tier leaders as well as some of their allies from smaller provinces. Majority of Nawaz Sharif’s kitchen cabinet members are said to be in favour of getting rid of what they call “un-necessary irritant” in Musharraf’s case and have advised the premier to instead focus on economy and terrorism issues facing the country. Federal Minister Khawaja Saad Rafiq’s outburst against Musharraf on Wednesday and his rejection of any deal to allow the former military ruler a safe passage abroad was however being considered as a “smoke screen” by the government insiders. Key federal ministers are however not ready to reject out rightly chances of Musharraf’s exit from the country. Backdoor interactions with the government gurus privy to the situation, including one of the influential federal ministers, shows that the government did not wait for a second thought, soon before the ex-general was indicted by the special court in the high treason charges, to convey to the men in khakis that Prime Minister Nawaz and his men were not opposed anymore to Mush’s exit from Pakistan. A “conducive” judiciary’s newly found role was cited as a supporting factor in this regard. However, just when all was set to get going, the Royals of Raiwind, to add a bit of flavour to this script, decided not to “rush” things and wait for a while before Mush was bid farewell. Sources close to the former military ruler, however, opined that Musharraf is all set to go to the United States for a detailed medical checkups en route Dubai, and in most likelihood will not return to Pakistan in the near future.

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