Teams constituted to prevent tempering of weights, measures

RAWALPINDI: The District Administration has devised a comprehensive strategy to handle fraudulent and ensure the prevention of tempering of weights and measures in the markets, especially at the 'Ramazan Bazaars' set up at different points across the district.Presently, around 20 Ramazan Bazaars are operating across the district, out of which, nine are located in city and cantonment areas to ensure the provision of edible items at controlled prices to the consumers. "The District Labour Department has constituted 28 especial squads comprising of technical field staff for regular deployment in these bazaars to inspect weighing and measuring instruments on daily basis throughout Ramazan," District Labour Officer Liaquat Ali said on Tuesday.A special squad would remain present in each bazaar to ensure proper weight and redress customers' complaints in this regard, and eight teams led by inspectors would regularly visit the markets as well as the bazaars."A proper place has been designated in each bazaar for the inspection teams so that they can perform their duty in a more efficient manner," Ali added. In the first week of this month, he said, the District Labour Department held a training workshop for its field staff aimed at improving their skills to inspect the weights and measures. Field officers from Rawalpindi, Attock, Chakwal, and Jhelum had attended the day-long workshop to get familiarised with the modern technology and to bring fraudulent to task.He said that stern action would be taken against the cheaters, including confiscating of the weights and measures equipment, adding that fine of Rs 1,000 to 10,000 would be imposed on them or cases would be framed against them according to the law. It is regrettable that in a Muslim society, where cheating is not allowed, complaints about fraud and under measurement are a common phenomenon. As per Islamic teachings, deceiving buyers or customers or harming their interest by spurious or defective weights and measures is strictly prohibited. Rather Islam warns the faithful to give full measure and weight, to escape the punishment of Allah.While talking to the media personnel, a number of customers shared their experiences and called for full implementation of laws, upholding the spirit of reward and punishment. Shahzad Ahmed, a shopper, said that few months back, he bought a fish from the Raja Bazaar and suspected that its weight was being told higher than the original. The shopkeeper declared its weight five kilogrammes but when it was rechecked in the same condition at the adjoining shop, there was a difference of one kilogramme, he revealed.Following this, he said that he examined the weighing machine and found a magnet attached underneath. More magnet pieces were also recovered, which were used in accordance with the fish size, he added. With the startling revelation, Shahzad said that he felt as if there was a 'mafia' who came to rescue the shopkeeper caught red-handed, apparently beating and cursing the fraudster. The 'mafia' took away the seller saying that the trade body would teach him a lesson and handover to the police. "The very next day the shopkeeper was on his routine business," he maintained. Akbar Khan, another customer, said that unfortunately nowadays, a successful businessman is considered the one who cheats in a better way without leaving any proof. He said that he had purchased fruit from a retailer, who packed it in a black shopper with three tight knots so that it could not be opened easily, and on reaching home, he found that all of the fruit was rotten. 

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