India not taking initiative to review nuclear doctrine: Modi

Will India sign NPT or CTBT in near future?

NEW DELHI – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday revealed that India was not taking any initiative for a review of nuclear doctrine, as Bhartiya Janata Party said through its election manifesto that its government will revise and update the nuclear doctrine and make it relevant to challenges of current times.

“I can tell you that currently we are not taking any initiative for a review of our nuclear doctrine,” the Indian prime minister said in his interaction with the Japanese media. He said that India's nuclear doctrine was adopted during the Congress-led government and has in general governed India's nuclear weapons posture since then.

“While every government naturally takes into account the latest assessment of strategic scenarios and makes adjustments as necessary, there is a tradition of national consensus and continuity on such issues,” Modi said. About possibility of India signing Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) or CTBT sometime in the future, Modi said that there was no contradiction in their mind between being a nuclear-weapon state and contributing actively to global nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation.

He underlined that India remains strongly committed to universal, non-discriminatory, global nuclear disarmament and its track record of non-proliferation was impeccable. “We will continue to contribute to strengthening of the global non-proliferation efforts. India's membership of the four international export control regimes will be conducive to this,” he said.

With regard to the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), Modi said India was committed to maintaining a unilateral and voluntary moratorium on nuclear explosive testing.

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