New Thai govt set to fight red tape, corruption

BANGKOK: The ruling Thai military reassured on Wednesday that a new government under premiership of top ruler Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha will effectually fight red tape and corruption in the government sectors.
Air force chief ACM Prajin Juntong, who is concurrently in charge of economic affairs on behalf of the National Council for Peace and Order, the official name of the military junta who seized power from a civilian government in the May 22 coup, said  that the non-elected government under command of the strongman- turned-premier will combat the bureaucratic red tape and possible corruption among government personnel.
He told Thai and foreign businesspersons at a Bangkok seminar entitled “Reforming for Thailand’s Sustainable Growth” that the new government will promptly take steps to rid all government agencies of red tape and graft as part of the much-heralded national reform bids.
“The government will fight corruption and red tape which may have occurred at any government unit or state firm where respective investment projects will be definitely implemented by schedule and in a transparent fashion.
“Anything which might possibly bring about undue gains and malpractice in government will be entirely eradicated,” ACM Prajin said.
He said that the country is being steered in the course of sustainable economic growth under the ruling military’s roadmap set as an aftermath of the bloodless coup.
According to the air chief marshal, Thailand’s economic growth will register at 2 percent throughout this year and is forecast to rise to 3.5 to 4 percent next year.
He said the economic growth obviously suffered a decline during this year’s first and second quarters largely due to political unrest, which eventually prompted the powerful military to seize power from deposed premier Yingluck Shinawatra.
He commented that Gen. Prayuth is merely heading an interim government pending a nationwide election which, he said, will be held late next year or early in 2016 or as soon as the making of a “permanent” constitution has been finished.
Meanwhile, according to ACM Prajin, tipped to assume a ministerial post in the Prayuth cabinet, the interim government will see to it that:
     - Infrastructural projects will be implemented, such as the construction of double-tracked railways in all parts of the country as well as aviation development plans to turn Thailand into a hub of the ASEAN Economic Community’s regional logistics and transports.
      - Investment projects in the energy sector will be promoted in the interests of varied industrial projects with primary concerns over environmental and social impacts.
     - Promotional privileges will be granted by the Board of Investment to varied investment projects, particularly those run by foreigners.
      - Technology pertaining to information and communications will be enhanced and provided to varied manufacturing and servicing sectors. 

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