Britain's UKIP Leader picks to stand for parliament seat

LONDON - The leader of the anti-EU UKIP Nigel Farage is to run for parliament in Britain's 2015 election after his party confirmed him as their candidate for an English constituency.

MEP Farage will campaign for a seat currently held by the Conservative party, South Thanet, in a south eastern region where UKIP performed strongly in European parliament elections in May. UKIP currently has no seats in parliament, but is hoping to make electoral gains on a platform of curtailing immigration and an exit from the European Union.

Farage was confirmed as the expected choice out of four party candidates in a local hustings event. Local party members gave Farage thunderous applause and chanted Nigel, Nigel, Nigel after he gave his acceptance speech. Farrage described the fight to win the seat as a big challenge but said it was one that he would relish.

“I'm going to have to fight very very hard but I believe I can do it,” Farage told BBC News, saying the Conservative and Labour parties would fight like crazy to oppose him. The Conservative party has chosen a former UKIP leader who defected to their party, Craig MacKinlay, to run for the seat.

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