US eyes ending NSA’s bulk data collection: reports

WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama’s administration is readying a legislative plan to end the National Security Agency’s controversial bulk telephone data collection, US media has reported.
The “NSA would end its systematic collection of data about Americans’ calling habits,” The New York Times reported online, citing unnamed senior administration officials.
“The records would stay in the hands of phone companies, which would not be required to retain the data for any longer than they normally would. And the NSA could obtain specific records only with permission from a judge, using a new kind of court order,” the Times added. A trove of documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden has sparked outrage in the United States and abroad about the vast capabilities of America’s intelligence programs. Officials have defended the methods as necessary to thwart terror attacks but Obama ordered reforms be developed in the wake of the disclosures. The administration proposal will seek to extend for one more 90-day period authorization for the current progam. 

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